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The AC32 Digital Air Data Computer measures barometric altitude and airspeed using vibrating cylinder pressure sensors for both static and pitot ports.

These sensors are highly accurate and stable making our AC32 virtually drift-free, effectively eliminating calibration and exceeding FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) accuracy requirements.

The THOMMEN AD30 Electronic Altimeter displays aircraft altitude data received from an external source and includes an integrated altitude alert function. It exceeds all FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) accuracy requirements.

The AD32 Digital Air Data Display combines an air data computer with a digital altimeter in a 3ATI form factor. This makes the THOMMEN AD32 Air Data Display ideally suited for replacing standby altimeters in fixed wing & rotorcraft while minimizing installation efforts.

The THOMMEN Digital Encoding Altimeter AD32 DEA80 with extended altitude range, suits every aircraft category including those reaching altitudes above the usual air traffic.

Technically based on the rugged AD32 air data unit design, this DO-178B Level A certified altimeter system exceeds any TSO C10b accuracy requirements throughout the entire altitude range up to 80’400 ft / 24.500 m.

The THOMMEN Air Data Display family contains the AD20 as electronic 2ATI altimeter which is highly reliable and accurate with barometric corrected altitude, altitude rate, and vertical speed. The AD20 can also be used as standby altimeter with external batteries.

The STRATOTIMER™ 3ATI Advanced Multifunction Aircraft Chronograph is a feature-rich cockpit timepiece. It has a state-of-the-art, high-resolution TFT multifunction display featuring sunlight readability from every viewing angle and the largest useable screen area available on the market today for a cockpit clock and combining three digital clocks with a sweep second hand. The display can be dimmed manually or set to use ambient light, and night vision system compatibility ( NVIS Green A ) is an available option.

With an undisputed reputation of delivering highly reliable and customizable avionics solutions, THOMMEN now presents a compact and state-of-the-art high resolution AMLCD display module for forward fit or retrofit OEM programs. Packaged to fit into a typical 3ATI case, this display frontend is designed to seamlessly integrate with third-party electronics and computing backends to build robust and durable digital flight instruments.

The STRATODISPLAY, a customizable 3ATI multifunction display by THOMMEN AIRCRAFT EQUIPMENT Ltd., offers unmatched possibilities for customized cockpit display applications. Available in a fully self-contained case requiring no active cooling, the customizable 3ATI multifunction display (MFD) also provides an open software architecture for tailor-made products that best match customer-specific requirements. Designed to host applications requiring design assurance levels up to RTCA DO-254 DAL B and DO-178C DAL B, the MFD provides configurable ARINC 429, USB, S-Video and serial interfaces as well as discrete in- and outputs. Fitted with automatic day and NVIS green backlights compliant with MIL-STD-3009, it also provides a robust MIL-C-26500 electrical connector and a rugged ARINC 408A 3ATI case tested according to RTCA DO-160G.

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